Postman Bee

Postman Bee

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Postman Bee Framed Print 🐝❤️

For our Royal Mail heroes who have worked tirelessly during this whole pandemic and everyday outside of that.  A bespoke piece for Simon who is a postman in Chester. Thank you for sending me the photos. 

The postbox featured in the art is the postbox outside the Arndale centre which remained almost undamaged during the IRA bombing on 15th June 1996. It just goes to show how tough a steel postbox is, as tough as a postman walking for miles everyday delivering our post to us under all weather conditions.

Black boxy frame. White mount.

10”x10” (8”x8” Print size)

15"x15" (12"x12")

24"x24" (20"x20") Collection only.

20”x20” Print rolled in tube