Oil Paintings

In my painting practice I am interested in how the physical properties of paint and art making tools dictate forms and symbolic resonance. Materiality and mark making become a form of shadow boxing with an empty canvas. In exploring the aesthetics of chance and intuition alongside methodical repetition of lines, mark making,colours and textures interactions, the canvas is my playground.

I am currently completing my MA Painting Degree at Manchester School Of Art. My exhibition is at Hotel Brooklyn. Inbox me for a viewing. Sasharay@outlook.com 07572355188.


Hotel Brooklyn, manchester, oil painting

Number 1

Abstract art, oil painting, painter

Number 2

Oil painting, abstract art, abstract painting, painter

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Abstract painting, oil painting, contemporary art

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Abstract art, contemporary art, oil painting

 Number 5 Sin City

Abstract painting, oil painting, contemporary art

Contemporary art, oil painting, abstract painting, painter