Original Paintings

Abstract painting, abstract art, contemporary art, painter, oil painter

Painting Website: www.sasharaystudio.com

Insta: @sasharaystudio

Oil and Mixed Media Painter 

Irrational, international presently docked in Manctopia picking out my share of its rusty, crusty green copper brutal forgotten industrial. I image by my crutch of music. I’m trance, mech and dance. I’m ebony-alabaster and bloomin technicolour in my screenery. My moods move as do the paints across the canvasses I’m in, and in ❤️ with. You can’t ever ask me to re-explain my work, I want U to understand it; just read the words and look at the damn work. Critique it if it bothers you so much but never, ever offer feedback as I’m not listening. It’s too late if I’ve shared with you my ‘art’ then it’s already born, baked, done! And it hurts when you tell me. You decide how much you hate it as I sail on. Enough now. I’m not Van Gogh I’m Sasha Ray. This is me....

I am currently completing my MA Painting Degree at The Manchester School Of Art. My exhibition is at Hotel Brooklyn. My painting studio is in M1 Mill. I’m available for bespoke commissions. Inbox me for studio visit.

Sasharay@outlook.com 07572355188.

Mural Commission, Holiday Inn MCR City Centre

Mural painter, hotel artist, manchester, holiday inn manchester, holidayinn, Sasha Ray, painter


100x100cm: Oil Paint, Canvas (Private Commission)

Hotel Brooklyn, manchester, oil painting

Water at work #2:
Cobalt, cruel, whiteout, eye, empowered, deep dive
100”x70”: Mixed Media, canvas

Mixed media painting,painter,contemporary art,oil painting

Horsefishig #3
Teal, rust, bloc, city view, early black-coffee
100”x70” Oil on canvas

Oil painting, abstract painting, contemporary art, painter

Galvanised #4
Ice, panoramic, brittle, daunting, collision
100”x70” Oil & Enamel On Canvas 

Abstract painting, abstract art, painter, oil painter, contemporary art, art gallery

Oil painting, contemporary art, abstract painting, blue painting

 Oil painting, blue painting, abstract painting, contemporary art